Juhong Times Plaza pengzhou sichuan
Cover area:28869m²  Building area:80759m²    Date2015

The exploration and innovation of avantgarde architects on the types of Commercial Plaza result from that the developers understand and are ready to actively respond the upcoming diverse needs of "Y Tmes"".-- Stephen•Pingboli

All over the world, the traditional commercial square designers usually adopt the design strategy with "old style",either redundant or rigid.

The commercial plaza design of the 1970s has not been unable to meet the needs of a new generation of young people."Y Times" is filled with entertainment with the most extensive sense. They are the consumption-liking generation in the history , believing in the concept that"work is for life". The design concept combining shopping and entertainment breaks the limitations of the traditional commercial square so as to improve the charm and vitality of the traditional commercial street.

Therefore, the original and closed commercial plaza is doomed to disappear, and instead here is a multifunctional space network. The indoor and outdoor space of the commercial plaza and urban landscape are interwoven together. The indoor and outdoor space boundaries are deliberately vague. Thus,public and private space have been merged so that the shoppers can no longer feel"crossing threshold".

EastBay makes great efforts to eliminate the barriers of space inside the buildings, thus creating a transparent,easy,smooth and free fashion shopping environment. Ginza city center possesses a 500-meter continuous shopping atrium group, with natural light filling the entire shopping center,creating a colorful fantasy scene.

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