Banyue Bay Weihai China
Cover area:34569m²  Building area:14664m²    Date2010

Banyue Bay International Resortwas planned to be built in the northern slopes of Heqing village at Sun Jatong Town in Weihai City,a beautiful seaside city. Standing against green mountains with its back, lying to the beautiful bay in the East,Banyue Bay,and looking into the famous historic sights of the city-Liugongdao, the resort possesses the excellent ecologicalenvironment, the superior living conditions, making it an ideal place to live in.

Adhering to the principle of relying on the mountain and the forest, adjusting measures according to local conditions andrespecting the nature, the overall planning and architectural style strive to reflect the natural soul of "blending it with themountain and the forest, heaven and earth, and four seasons" so as to interpret a kind of spirit connotation of "the combination of heaven and people" that they can beclose to, enjoy,and live with thenature harmoniously together.

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