JiaMing YueCheng
Cover area:73650m²  Building area:147399m²    Date2014

In 2014, the real estate industry in Guanghan City entirely stepped into the downward channel, while in the opposition direction "Jia Ming YueCity" became the only best-selling one completely sold in Guanghan area in its construction process, with the innovative planning ideas and refined house type design being its critical success factors:

1. Its unique urban spatial structure only gives it the significance in city landmark.

2. The large-scale integrallandscape garden mixes all residential buildings together, "natural outside, garden inside".

3.The commercial and residentialseparation planning maximizes thepeoples living quality in the residential area to enhance the value in commercial construction utilization.Meanwhile,the landscape of ungarden style andthe underground garage with emptiedsemi layer bring about a new experience to the owners.

4. The favorable orientation and the ecological environment ensure the people to live there greatly comfortably.

5. It holds the unique house types with high added value.

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