Guanghan Luo Town Waterstreet
Cover area:89809m²  Building area:116380m²    Date2014

Guanghan, the capital of the ancient Shu Kingdom, enjoys rich Ba Shu culture, tradition and region characteristics. Located by the Duck River, the commercial street with new Chinese style, "Luo Town Water Street", perfectly mimics the historical business and travel ancient town in the middle of Sichuan. It enables the traditional scale of the streets and the perception of the living space to permeate into the modern business environment, creating the fashion leisure business district of a new style. The street, along with waterfront planning is therefore the core elements for "Luo Town Water Street". The water network system derives from a natural river with abundant water flowing through the base. According to local natural environment, EastBay planned a main river network like the glyph Ʒ so as to shape the water garden ecological leisure business environment. The network includes 3 big islands, one lonely island, 2 lakes with river view and one lake in the center of the island. Luo Town Water Street", with a new Chinese architectural style, utilizes new materials and technology holding the most sense of the times. It deducts the details of the traditional architecture culture of Shu, exuding the elegance in fashion, blending the ancient and modern with its unique charm.

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