Senior Management Community ¡ª Toamasina
Cover area:730000m²  Building area:38266m²    Date£º2011

The Ambatovy project is aimed to build a village-type high-end residential group for the senior management of the world biggest nickel mine company in Toamasina city of Madagascar. The customer¡¯s general goal is to promote the newly-built senior management housing to successfully integrate into the local surrounding village environment. At the same time, it should meet the senior management needs in dwelling, living and safety in accordance with the highest standards in Toamasina city. There are all types of luxurious facilities in the exotic super 5-star leisure center, including heliport, football field, basketball and tennis court, swimming pool, gym, restaurants, shops, clinics, dining room, conference room and children¡¯s playground. The residential area overlooking the sea is situated at the tropical rain forest of the southern suburbs of Toamasina city. Overall project plan regards the loose living space of the local natural villages as the chief source. It fulfills the land division by applying the mode of ¡°residence with zero land line¡±, where the spacing of the neighbor living units is controlled at a range from 30 feet to 50 feet or so, forming a private courtyard space of 0.4 acres to 0.6 acres.

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