China Rizhao Seacoat Outlook
Cover area:167100m²  Building area:525580m²    Date2008

Located in the attractive shore of Yellow Sea, China Rizhao Seacoat Outlook is composed of Rizhao Port Group Headquarters, top-grade sea view apartments and high-end leisure business communities. The citys coastal culture and the Headquarter Bases space environment are the origin point of design. People can find space interface of the buildings on the coast spreading successively along the city landmark Lighthouse Square. The interface is blended with the winding beach coast and they set each other off beautifully to result in the unique seaside charm. The design has successfully positioned and shaped the new coastal skyline of this beautiful seaboard city. As the largest bulk port group of China, Rizhao Port Group hopes to display the image of its corporate headquarter at the height of global vision. With poem-like architectural language, EastBay has perfectly interpreted the image: towers with shape of beautiful ocean wave line full of passion and sense of movement; 218-meter-high group headquarters building with the look of a giant beacon, leading the flow of people and goods from home and abroad.

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