Shazhou International Residential Area You Xi Fu Jian
Cover area:237000m²  Building area:415200m²    Date2004

The entire community is located on Shazhou Island, the picturesque urban oasis of the mountain city named Youxi. Youxi and Qingyinxi stream flow around the island together, defining the superior space of natural environment of waterfront community. Firmly relying on the unique natural scenery and geographical conditions of construction sites, EastBay emphasizes the interaction between urban, community and riparian landscape. The team created the new urban landscape corridors and space highly close to the water which is comfortable to live in. The overall planning fully respects the natural shape and geographical environment characteristics of the island. The design enables the community to act as a link between the old and new city area of Youxi, as well as a new landmark of the city with commercial complexes, office buildings, clubs and other urban public facilities along the main road of the city across the island. Large area of the whole garden was focused in the interior space of the community. "Natural outside and Garden inside." The design has enabled people to tour around and enjoy its living environment.

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