Sunco Swan Lake Wu Xi
Cover area:820000m²  Building area:1030000m²    Date2006

Abutting the scenic spots in Taihu Lake of Wuxi, Sunco Swan Lake is a large-scale housing community covering an area of over one million square meters. In order to strengthen the integrity of the real estate across 3 major urban neighborhoods, and to achieve the resource sharing of the community and the spatial continuity, EastBay proposed the planning of creating large-scale central landscape axis across the 3 blocks. The establishment of the central landscape axis constitutes the key system of the community. The function districts of the entire community, living groups, road systems and space environment creation are all based on and extend successively along this axis. Sunlight, air and water are the basic elements for human life. The core value of residential buildings is to provide the comfortable living environment. The architects of EastBay are extremely concerned about the utilization and psychological needs of the occupants. Therefore, adhering to the people-centered concept, they carefully plan and design both the large surroundings of the residential area and small environment at home.

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